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This is How We Charge

We charge by: The amount of waste in cubic yards. The type of waste. The accessibility of the waste.

One cubic yard is about the same size as a standard washing machine, about 3 ft x 3 ft x 3 ft.

What our price includes:

Our best value rates include everything from collection, loading and cleanup afterwards - a full waste removal service.

Free Quotations:

Free no obligation quotations can be given on-site to all JunkAway customers for your waste removal needs, both Domestic and Commercial.

Single Items:

You don’t need to wait until you can fill a skip or skip bag. We take single waste items from as little as €49.00.

Please Note: Our Prices are based on bulky waste items only and may vary due to location, weight and accessibility. Additional charges may occur for removals from Apartment Complexes;ect.

Take our Removal Truck for a Drive to View our Great Rates!
Cubic Yards Junkaway Competitors
1 €49.00 for full service waste removal.
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Individual Items - Price List
Furniture Cost
King Size Mattress €59.00
Double Mattress €55.00
Single Mattress €49.00
King Size Bed €79.00
Double Bed €69.00
Single Bed €59.00
Furniture Suite 3 + 1 + 1 €89.00
Furniture Suite 3 + 2 €89.00
Furniture Suite 3 + 1 €75.00
Sofa - 3 Seater €59.00
Sofa - 2 Seater €49.00
Garden / Green Waste - 14 CY - Full Truck €299.00
Garden / Green Waste - 7 CY - Half Truck €199.00
Electrical White Goods e.g. Washing Machine/Dryer €49.00
Heavy Items e.g. Concrete/Tiles/Paving/Brick €30.00 per 100kg